Thai Menu

Set 2

1 -  Toong Tong: Money Bags filled with Glass Noodles, Soya Mince & Water Chestnuts

2 - Mango & Peanuts Salad (savoury) with a Sour Thai Dressing (GF)

3 - Green Curry with Okra & Courgette (curry paste made from scratch), served with Thai Rice (GF)

Set 3

1 - Kaffir Lime Leaf Soup with Asian Mushroom Dumplings & Sesame Oil

2 - Pandan Leaf Parcels filled with Soya Chunks, marinated with Lemongrass

3 - Peanut-Based Panang Curry with Broccoli (curry paste made from scratch), served with Thai Rice (GF)

Set 4

1 -  Poh Pia Tod: Thai-style Spring Rolls packed with vegetables served with Thai Sweet Chilli Sauce (sauce made from scratch)

2 - Spicy Sour Salad with Charred Green Beans, Cauliflower, Kaffir Lime Leaves & Lemongrass (GF)

3 - Phad Thai Noodles with Tofu Puffs, Beansprouts, Peanuts and Black Salt "Egg" (GF)

Set 5

1 - Laab made with Cauliflower Mince, Crushed Toasted Sticky Rice served in a Lettuce Wrap (GF)

2 - Tofu Satay with Thai Peanut Sauce (GF)

3 - Red Curry with Butternut Squash & Bamboo Shoots (curry paste made from scratch), served with Thai Rice (GF)

Set 6

1 - Tom Yum Jay: Sweet and Sour Spicy Soup with Tofu Puffs and Shiitake Mushrooms (GF)

2 - Khao Soi: Chiang Mai Noodles with Pak Choi (a mix of soft and crispy noodles in a curried coconut sauce)

3 - Pad Gra Prow: Thai Basil Stir-fry with Tempeh, Chilli, Soya Sauce & Garlic (GF)

Malaysian/Indonesian/Singaporean Menu

Set 7

1 – Sambal Okra: Okra stir-fried in Chilli & Lemongrass Sauce (GF)

 2- Rendang Nangka: Thick Caramelised Curry with Jackfruit & Kaffir Lime Leaves  (curry paste made from scratch)(GF)

3 - Sayur Lodeh: Spicy Coconut Vegetable Soup simmered with Tofu puffs, Green Bean, Carrot, Cabbage, perfect accompaniment to a dry curry (GF)

Set 8

1 - Tempeh Bungkus: Tempeh (fermented soybeans cake) Bites Smoked in Banana Leaves (GF)

2 - Sambal Terong: Spicy & Tangy Indonesian Aubergine Relish (GF)

3 -  Laksa Lemak: Noodles in Spicy Coconut Soup with Shiiake Mushrooms, Tofu Puffs, Shredded Black Salt Omelette & Mint (laksa paste made from scratch)(GF)

Set 9

1 - Otak Otak: Aubergine Patty smoked in Banana Leaves (GF)

2 – Singapore Rojak: A Mix of Youtiao Chinese Doughnut, Cucumber, Pineapple, Peanuts with a Sweet & Spicy Tamarind Dressing

3 - Char Kway Teow: Singapore Spicy Rice Noodles stir-fried with Tofu Puffs, Bean Sprouts, Black Bean Sauce and Black Salt "Scrambled Egg"

Set 10

1 - Gulai Terong: Indonesian Aubergine Curry Simmered in Coconut Milk, Lemongrass & Star Anise (curry paste made from scratch) (GF)

2 - Nasi Goreng Nenas: Spicy Malaysian Black Salt "Egg" Fried Rice with Pineapple (GF)

3 - Gado-Gado: Crunchy Indonesian Salad made with Crispy Tofu, Cabbage, Green Beans, Bean Sprouts, Potato, Cucumber & covered with Malaysian Peanut Sauce (made from scratch) (GF)

Set 11

1 – Sate Cendawan: Singapore-Style Shiitake Mushroom Satay (marinated in lemongrass, galangal & chilli) with Malaysian Peanut Sauce (GF)

2 - Gulai Nangka: Indonesian Yellow Curry with Young Jackfruit, Coconut Milk & Kaffir Lime Leaves (curry paste made from scratch) (GF) 

3 – Sambal Goreng Tempeh: Tempeh (fermented soybeans cake) fried in Sweet & Sour Indonesian Chilli Sauce  (GF)

Set 12

1 – Chilli & Salt Tofu with Spicy Soy Dipping Sauce (GF)

2 - Nasi Lemak: Coconut Rice with Crispy Shallots, Peanuts, Charred Green Beans & Cucumber with Sambal Tumis Fried Chilli Jam (GF)

3 -  Tahu Masak Merah: Malaysian Red Curry braised with Soya Chunks (curry paste made from scratch) (GF)