International Vegetarian Menu



Set 13

1 – Spicy Moroccan Merguez Sausages (made from scratch)
2 – Bulgur Stew with Aubergine and Harissa Chilli Paste (paste made from scratch)

3 - Carrot and Pomegranate Syrup Salad



Set 14

1 - Mexican Quesadilla Stuffed with Minced Cauliflower and Cabbage (refried bean paste made from scratch)

2 -  Spicy Fried Meat-Free Fillets simmered in a Brazilian Coconut Sauce served with Coriander & Lime Rice

3 - "Crash Hot" Sweet Potato with Pico de Gallo Spicy Salad



Set 15

1 -  "Arancini" Deep fried Stuffed Risotto Rice Balls 

2 -  "Melanzane Parmigiana" Baked Aubergine (Bolognese sauce made from scratch)

3 - Sweet and Sour Halloumi Crostini with Roasted Garlic



Set 16

1 - Onion Soup with Cider and Cheddar topped with Worcester Sauce Croutons

2 -  Rosemary Sausages (made from scratch) with English Mustard Gravy

3 - Tangy Marmite Potato Skins with Fried Apple Peelings & Rocket



Set 17

1 - Sicilian Pasta with Red Wine and Lentils

2 -  Aubergine Roulade, stuffed with bread, herbs and cheese, baked in a spicy chopped tomato sauce

3 -  Gnocchi Fried with Thyme and Rock Salt  served with Orange, Olive and Shallot Salad


Set 18

1 – "Tom Kha Hed" Thai Coconut Soup with Mushroom and Galangal

2 – Thai Sweetcorn Cakes with Cucumber Relish

3 – Phad Thai Noodles with Fried Tofu



Set 19

 1 – Indonesian Aubergine Curry Simmered in Coconut Milk (curry paste made from scratch)

2 – "Nasi Goreng" Indonesian-Style Fried Rice

3 - Crispy Fried Tofu in a Spicy Lemongrass Sauce


Set 20

1 – "Larb Nuea" Sticky Mince with Lime Leaves

2 – Thai Green Curry with Vegetables (curry paste made from scratch), served with Thai Pandan Rice

3 –  Thai Savoury Mango Salad



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