Please note that vegetables, tofu and quorn are used for the vegetarian version.


Set 7

 1 – "Bee Hoon Goreng" Rice Vermicelli Fried with Fish Cakes, Bok Choi and Sweet Soy Sauce

2 – "Rendang Daging" Beef Braised in a Rich Grated Coconut Sauce

3 – "Acar Awak" Vegetable Pickle with Sesame and Peanuts

4 - "Chilli Sotong" Deep-fried Squid in Chilli & Salt

Set 8

 1 – "Udang Bakar" Chilli Prawns Smoked in Banana Leaves

2 – "Sambal Terong" Spicy Aubergine Relish

3 – "Mee Siam" Rice Noodles in a Sweet and Sour based Gravy Enriched with Salted Soy Beans

4 - "Ondeh Ondeh" Pandan-Flavoured Snow Balls

Set 9

 1 – "Tauhu Sumbat" Stuffed Fried Tofu with Chilli and Plum Sauce

2 – "Otak Otak" Fish Cakes wrapped in Banana Leaves

3 –  "Ayam Masak Merah" Chicken in Spicy Tomato Sauce 

4 - "Laksa Lemak" Noodles in a Thick Coconut Gravy with Prawns & Pineapple

Set 10

 1 – "Gulai Ayam" Succulent Chicken Curry Simmered in Coconut Milk

2 – "Nasi Goreng" Indonesian Fried Rice

3 –  "Sambal Udang" Prawns in Rich Chilli & Lemongrass Sauce

4 - "Acar Nenas" Pineapple Relish

Set 11

 1 – Singapore-Style "Satay Kambing" Marinated Grilled Lamb Skewers

2 – "Kuah Kacang" Special Peanut Satay Sauce

3 –  "Mee Rebus" Egg Noodles in Thick and Tangy Sweet Potato Gravy

4 -  "Murtabak" Folded Roti Prata Dough Stuffed with Spiced Minced Beef (or lamb)

Set 12

Nasi Lemak Special (Malaysian All-Day Breakfast)

 1 – "Nasi Lemak" Coconut Rice Wrapped in Banana Leaf, accompanied with "Ikan Bilis" Fried Anchovies, Fried Peanuts, Egg & Cucumber

served with:

2 – "Sambal Assam" Hot Chilli Jam

3 –  "Ayam Goreng" Ginger and Turmeric Crispy Fried Chicken

4 - "Kari Kambing" Creamy and Spicy Lamb Curry

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