Kuih Lopes: a dessert from heaven... and from hell!

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Come November and already the Christmas bombardment is nearly reaching its peak... “BUY BUY BUY NOOOW!” But I don't have enough saliva or energy to spit on my telly (if you're eating: bon appetit!). So I've decided to cook my presents, like I have done last year.

I wish I could give an omelette with a red ribbon on it, but it won't go down too well with the rest of the crowd, who is expecting something very very special this year... but what?

So after wrecking my brain, I’ve decided to make my own Malaysian chocolate box, origami style, filled with Kuih Lopes.

Some of you are wondering what kuih lopes is. Don’t be ashamed because a lot of Malaysians living in London don’t have a clue either.

Kuih Lopes (or Kueh Lopes) is a dessert from heaven... and from hell! It is so good, addictive and quite a pain to make at the same time. So be clever: make friends with a Malaysian cook and wait until Christmas.

Kuih Lopes is a pandan flavoured triangular rice cake, wrapped in banana leaves, cooked for 3 hours then coated with freshly grated coconut flesh and served with Gula Melaka syrup. Yes just that. It can take up to 6 hours to make, but it is actually 24 hour preparation.

Basically, make a cone with banana leaves, fill this cone with rice which has been resting in pandan juice overnight, close the cone and boil for 3 hours minimum. Then unwrap the parcel and you end up with a firm, bouncy triangle (a bit like rice cake). Coat the triangle in salted shredded coconut (must be extra fresh!) and drizzle some syrup made with gula Melaka. Gula Melaka is Malaysian palm sugar, hard like mortar, which tastes wonderful once melted. It’s bit like fudge, liquorice and molasses at the same time... very unique.

After making those I will build origami boxes, the inside protected with plastic sheets, where my kuih lopes will rest, until total demolition. Amen.

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